Dear Steve and Trista,

We wanted to express our heartfelt thanks to both of you for helping us to build our dream home!

Having built twice before, we were very confident that we knew exactly what we wanted in this house and right from walking into the model home we were impressed with Habib Homes.  It was the little things that stood out: the high baseboards, gorgeous crown mouldings, high ceilings and amazing sized windows – and this first impression carried right through our whole experience.

You were both so amazing at guiding us through the process, giving us your suggestions and taking our vision and making it a reality.  Each and every time we dealt with you, it truly felt like we were your only customers, you paid so much attention to every need we had.  Building a home can be an extremely stressful process but you both helped to make it as stress free as possible and never made us feel like the smallest request was an issue – including Coleen’s complete meltdown over the colour of the brick which she now loves!

The personalized service didn’t stop when the house was finally ours, in fact it only got better.  Our prior building experience had led us to believe that any issues were only dealt with once you submitted your 30 day and 1 year Tarion report but with Habib Homes this is definitely not the case.  Any small mention of something was dealt with immediately, a fact that surprised us the first time Steve showed up on our doorstep – the evening of the day we had emailed with the request!

We feel very fortunate to have the priviledge of owning a Habib Home and would highly recommend Habib Homes to anyone looking for a high quality, stress free, custom home building experience!

Coleen and Andrew Noel

Dear Steve,

This is our first time building a house and now that we have lived in our new home for approximately 3 months we can say that overall we were very pleased with the process. It has been stress relieving dealing with you and Trista throughout this process.

We are very happy, not only about the finished product, but also with your service after the fact. You have been very consistent in handling the inevitable issues that arise when building a new home.

We are very proud to show off our home and are happy to tell people who our builder is.

Both you and Trista were available by phone all the time and willing to answer any questions or concerns we may have had. Your attention to detail was noted and appreciated.

You have a wide selection of products from which we could choose, however, we thought the "standard" paint and plumbing choices could have been greater but we do understand this is how the industry operates :)

We particularly enjoyed dealing with Graham (Ferral Stone), Tony (Budget Blinds), Ivan, Brittany (the plumbing store) and the guys at Greco tile. They were very patient and helpful in giving ideas and explaining things to us.

Thank you Steve for all your hard work!! It has been great dealing with you!

Mark and Marlene Van Raay

Dear Steve,

We would like to say thank you to everyone at Habib Homes for creating our wonderful new home.

From our first visit to the model home last November to now, we have been more than pleased with the friendly, helpful and professional experience that we have had with Trista, Steve and Haidar.

Our questions were always answered in a timely and knowledgeable manner, deadlines were met and the quality of work was high, issues were resolved quickly and effectively and now that we have made it through and are living with all the many design decisions we were able to make along the way, we couldn’t be happier!

Thank you so much,

Trish, Kevin, Faith and Felicity

We purchased a two storey stucco detached single family home in 2003. We visited an open house and this is where we met the owner Abe Habib.  Initially we dealt with Abe, but in the later stages of building we met and dealt with the two sons Haider and Steve. All of whom were very pleasant and accomodating during what usually could be a very stressful time.  They helped resolve issues that occured, both during the building phase and after the closing date. Habib Homes used quality building materials during the building process, which results in a quality built home. They also provided generous allowances, as well as a list of reputable businesses to deal with during the various stages of building the house to completion.  This resulted in very few problems, which were dealt with and resolved in a timely manner.

Overall our building experience through Habib Homes was a satisfying experience and we would not hesitate to speak with and answer any questions potential home buyer's have on Habib Homes.


Jay and Anne- Marie Mills

Our experience with building our first home with Habib Homes was very satisfying. They helped us customize our home the way we imagined it. Every room in our home is done just the way we wanted it. Every question & concern we had, they dealt with the situtation immediately & in a professional manner.

We would highly recommend Habib Homes to someone who is interested in building a new home.


Trajee, Elaine & Anastasia Filiposki

To whom it may concern:

My husband and I chose Habib Homes to build our home in Amherstburg, Ontario. Having built a home previously with another builder we were skeptical and did not know if we would do this ever again. Fortunately our experience with Abe Habib and family was wonderful! We connot say enough good things about this experience. When Abe & family told us something, their word was honoured, if we wanted to change something, it was taken care of expediciously.

We were happy with the quality of workmanship, time frames promised to us (were met and they stood by their word. We hope that your experience is as good as ours. 


Alan and Dawn Furmanek

To Whom it may concern,

As I contemplated and asked around for suggestions regarding builders, I was given positive feedback concerning the reputation of Habib Homes. Their excellent customer service combined with their ability to provide professional answers and promptly address my concerns reflected their great work ethic. All of these attributes along with Mr . Habib's sons and their friendly staff have allowed me to feel confident in the work they perform. I have been very satisfied with their timely completion of the house and they have far exceeded my expectations.

I have and will continue to recommend Habib Homes.


David Sousa

Buying a Habib Home in London is one of our best decisions in over 35 years of marriage. I had been looking for a suitable property for over three years, when i just happened to check out the open house on Settlement Trail.

I loved the home from the front door with it's spacious and covered porch right through to the finished rooms in the lower level. We have now been living on Settlement Trail for just over a full month and cannot say enough good things about our home. The builder has paid attention to details in this home and anything that needs a "tune-up" has been done in good order.

We have had so many of our friends visit us and without question, they are all so impressed with the workmanship and style of our home.

Thanks Steve and your entire crew for a job well done. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company to anyone. You build a quality home and are very pleasant to deal with when any issue arises..

Thanks again for a job well done.

Jan Lanaus

3794 Settlement Trail

Please accept my letter of recommendation for the great job done by your company in completing our home at the above noted address. To say that I am a very satisfied customer would be an understatement. From the very beginning we were treated in a very couteous and professional manner without the shirt and tie.

Your keen eye to detail and customer satisfaction has not gone unnoticed. Even your taste in color schemes and finishing details were a great help to us. When we were uncertain, you gave your advicein an unassuming and yet reassuring manner. The billing and payment for the extra items was fair and convenient. Even after moving in any problems have been handled quickly and efficiently always asking if everything is okay. I was even reminded about a problem we had, only after the contractor responsible showed up to correct it. Even after losing more than three weeks in delays due to weather and permits you still completed it in a timely manner. You made the whole process an enjoyable and exciting experience for us.

We would be delighted to have another home constructed by Habib Homes. It was a pleasure working with you and thanks again Steve.

Yours truly,

Barry Wahl

3741 Settlement Trail

Dear Steve,

Thank - you for making the building process of our house enjoyable. You are very easy to work with and very quick to get back to us.

As well, a big thanks for making our closing date and continuing to come back to finish a couple of things and helping us work out any little "hiccups" we might have.


Rob, Tara, Ethan & Sophie Cascaden

We purchased our home in 2014. Throughout the building process we were consulted and treated with consideration and respect. Any concerns have been addressed and handled in a timely manner. We specifically appreciated Habib Homes' professionalism and "hands-on" approach and continue to receive their on-going support.

Charlene Paquette

Habib Homes is an excellent builder. We had very positive experience with them. Despite we were out of the country the house was built in our absence with all the details & materials we requested with very high level of quality finishing.

Amr Mohamed Wafai

We could not be more happy with our new home built by Habib Homes. Steve was fantastic to work with. All questions, concerns and suggestions were addressed promptly and thoroughly throughout the process. From the first meeting, we felt very comfortable dealing with him and he continued to gain our confidence thoughout the construction of our home. We were consulted on all decisions, and he left no stone unturned. We found Steve to be honest, fair, very knowledgeable and approachable. We cannot say enough good things about our experience and now have a beautiful new home to enjoy.

Amy Durocher

We personally dealth with Steve Habib in London. He was so helpful with any concerns we had throughout the building process. At one point, Steve recognized that some of the flooring was cracking and even though it was halfway done, he told us about the issue and allowed us to pick out new flooring - even though it was more expensive, there was no charge to us. He also extended the island in our kitchen to a dimension we preferred free of charge, despite the size increase in granite and cabinetry. In our first year, Steve has been available to help us out if any small issues came about.

We are loving our home, and the experience with Habib Homes!

Mayada Nelli

Been to their model house at 1465 Cancun Street. People who works there is friendly and give me a lot of helpful information. It was pleasant to have business with this builder.

My dad also own a house built by Habib that has been 4 years, nothing wrong happened after closing date. Well, my dad used to be a RE sale person back to his homeland, he knew everything about how to pick and how to take a good care of a house.

Sometime, a house just like cars, it will have some issues, but not because the house is not build with quality, is about how people use it and how they protect it.

I'm glad that my dad chose habib and mine too.


Jashua Anderson

We are so glad to have Habib as our builder. Everyone in the office is very friendly. We didn't have a real estate agent for negotiation. When we made changes to the design, the boss gave us discount even we didn’t ask for it. That is how honest they are in business. They built the house exactly the way we wanted, and on schedule even though it’s winter time.

The service after closing has been great. Mike always replied to my message within 24hrs, and sent people to fix the problem promptly. One night we had plumbing problem, and the plumber came to our door 8 o’clock the next morning.

We would recommend Habib Homes to everyone we know!


Frank L

As a Habib Homes customer, I have to say they are the best builder I have ever met since I moved to Windsor. They are patient, friendly and they always try their best to satisfy my requests.

I highly recommended to meet them or contact them in person before judge them based on those false reviews. And go to their model home then you will realize why they are one of top builders around Southern Ontario area.


Henry Zhang

Bought home from Habib Home last year. Always received professional and good advice from the builder while we were going through the building process. After sales service is great as well. I definitely recommend Habib Homes.





I purchased two new homes from Habib Homes. One in 2013 and then again in 2017. The reason I decided to go back to them is because it was an obvious choice for me. They are not cheap because they don't cut corners. New home owners, remember you get what you pay for. This saying is as true in home buying as anywhere else. Another thing is to make sure you know what is in and what is out. Most new home buyers are building their first home and, at times, make assumptions. e.g. they notice a nice upgrade in the model home and assume they'll get that in the base price. No, they won't unless it's part of the deal. A large number of disputes arise because of this misunderstanding. Once a buyer has signed a purchase deal, he obviously doesn't want to hear that dreaded "that's extra" response from the builder or pay more for upgrades which I think is unfair. So bottom line, know your contract.

Habib Homes will deliver what they commit to. No games, no gimmicks, no double talk, no smoke screens. You might not like their occasional "No's", but if they say "Yes", you can count on that because it WILL be done. They are known in the region for transparency in dealing, personalized customer service and quality work. They take pride in their work and treat every house as if it's a standing testimonial to their skill set.

Lastly, no new home is totally free of defects (some real, some perceived). This is simply because of the nature of this business considering the large number of inter-related activities and tasks performed by tradesman in building a house. What matters to me is after-sales service in how quickly builder reacts to resolve buyer's concerns and I loved the way Mike, Haider and their wonderful friendly staff stood behind their work. There's a process to register your trouble tickets. You report an issue and forget about it. It will be automatically taken care of to your satisfaction.


Ata Bajwa

Dear Haider,


We remember when we came to you first to purchase our first Home in our life. You tried your best to make it work for us so we can get our home. We were new to this, scared and hesitant until today, because we never dealt with house purchase before and always heard how things go wrong with new houses and builders from friends. Today we closed our house purchase, it will now be our home. I would like to thank you personally to you, Chrstina and Krutikaa. You brought our dream to reality, our first home. We appreciate your assistance, help and support in this and even after closing. Thank you for everything. 




Prashant Patel and Sneha Patel