Safety Policy

Safe worksites and practices are a top priority for Habib Homes executives, managers and supervisors. It is deeply rooted in our day to day activities to prevent any injuries to our employees and customers. 

Managers and Supervisors will always aim to:

  • ensure that the same attention is given to health and safety practices throughout the work day as any other key business objective
  • always follow safe systems of work
  • avoid buying in unsafe products
  • avoid accidents by forseeing a potential dangerous situation and taking steps to correct it instantaniously
  • always insist on high standards of health and safety when dealing with others
  • strive for continuous improvement in health and safety practices
  • identify hazards, assess risks to see whether they're control measures are adequate or need to be improved
  • set measurable health and safety standards and targets with dates for implementation
  • monitor how well they are achieving them through inspection and record results
  • report and record all accidents and incidents to investigate them to see why we have not been able to prevent them
  • communicate all necessary health and safety information to our employees and customers
  • provide necessary training for everyone so they can meet their health and safety responsibilities
  • have appropriate first aid and fire precautions and employers liability insuarance
  • make time every month to see how they are doing, record our findings, and where necesary set new targets for improvements

 Every member of staff must co- operate in folllowing safe procedures, report problems and make suggestions for improvement

Our Contractors and Suppliers must provide us with all neccessary safe information and co-operate with our health and safety requirements